• All Users must have access to Single Sign-On (SSO) to access the Safe and Healthy Schools application.
  • For District Users: If you do not have access to SSO, please contact your District LEA (District SSO Point of Contact)
  • For Other Users: All the other users who do not have fldoe or district email accounts,
    must complete the one-time self-registration process and then login to the application using the email used for completing self-registration process.
    Once the self-registration process is completed, you will receive an email for instructions to set up Security Questions.
    All self-registered users must complete these security questions.
    (Note: If the Security Questions are not set up, self-registered users will not be able to reset their password and will no longer be able to use the email id they completed the self-registration with to access this application.)
  • Please see the Step-by-Step Instructions to complete the Healthy District Self-Assessment here.


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